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The Fairy’s Magical Collection™️

The Fairy’s Magical Collection™️

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Dive Into Our Full Elderberry Collection – Your All-in-One Wellness Kit

Ready to kickstart your journey to awesome health with a pinch of magic? Our Enchanting Full Elderberry Collection has got you covered. For just $70, you’re getting the full deal – our entire product lineup of elderberry goodness that’s perfect for gifting or just treating yourself. It’s like a wellness party in a box, and you’re invited!

Here’s the Scoop on What You Get:

• 16 oz Elderberry Extract: This little bottle of magic is your daily shield against all the nasties. Delicious and packed with goodness, it’s your go-to for immune support.

• 32 oz Elderberry Extract - Family Size: Got a crew? This big bottle ensures nobody misses out on the elderberry love. Share the health with the whole fam!

• 3.4 oz Mini Travel Size Elderberry Extract: Jet-setting or always on the move? This TSA-friendly mini bottle has your back, keeping your immune game strong, no matter the zip code.

• 16 oz Jar Elderberry Christmas Jam: Spread the joy with our most popular Elderberry Christmas jam. Crafted with festive vibes and elderberry goodness, it’s a must-have in a cute mason jar that literally tastes like Christmas you have to have all year round!

  • Easy Pour Spouts We will also include some easy pour spouts to make pouring and measuring sooo much easier! 

Why You’ll Love the Enchanting Full Elderberry Collection: It’s simple – you’re getting the best of The Fairy’s Elderberry’s products at a really sweet deal. The pricing of our elderberry is the lowest on the market but it’s highly potent and not watered down!  Each product is made from with loads of love and the best ingredients, aiming to keep you and your loved ones feeling well all year round .

Fun Fact: Did you know that Our company brand design touches such as our logo, banner, marketing materials,  and label artwork are all designed by us too?  I’m passionate to share natural, delicious healthy products (that actually work) and share them with the world! The Elderberry Fairy believes that health is much more than checking off boxes and ensuring certain levels are attained. It's a journey of discovering all of the beautiful ways we can support our bodies and help them heal, as they were made to.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab this bundle and let’s make every day a bit more enchanted! 🌟


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