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Elderberry, Trust and A Sprinkle of Fairy Dust

Where passion for wellness meets the magic of Mother Nature. Founded by Paris, AKA the best elderberry syrup maker this side of Florida, we're a berry special family-owned business with roots planted firmly in holistic health. We were so tired of seeing store shelves lined with low-quality, mass-produced elderberry products, so we set out to create something different—something better.
Every batch of elderberry syrup and jam is crafted by us with utmost care and love. Our journey began with a pot, a ladle, and a vision. A vision to provide not just 'good,' but exceptional, affordable health products that your family can trust. Fast forward to today, we've honed our craft, sourced the finest organic ingredients, and dove deep into the science and regulations of elderberry. All so you don't have to. So when you bring home a bottle of our elderberry syrup or jam, you're not just buying a product; you're becoming part of a community dedicated to holistic well-being. We're not just Elderberry Artisans; we're your Wellness Partners. With experience in health and a deep respect for traditional remedies, we're here to offer more than just a product. We're here to offer peace of mind. From our family to yours let's embark on a journey towards better health, together.
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Our mission

We are so passionate to keep people healthy by giving natural delicious alternatives that’s great for our the whole family! I hope you enjoy our products just as much as me and my family have. I spent A LOT of intentional time doing research: studying and sourcing natural, quality ingredients so you don't have to. We take so much pride in sprinkling healing to so many families who appreciate the quality and taste of our elderberry!