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Explore our enchanting elderberry syrup for preventative and in-moment support.

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Nestled in the heart of central FL, The Fairy's Elderberry is where ancient herbal wisdom intertwines with the enchantment of nature. Our journey into herbal medicine is rooted in a profound respect for God's Earth and a deep knowledge passed down through generations. At the core of our herbal haven lies our magical elderberry concoctions, brewed with love, tradition, and a sprinkle of fairy dust. With every drop you taste not just the lush essence of Florida's flora, but a legacy of natural healing and the tender care of hands that believe in the nurturing power of nature. - Welcome to the club!

Where Magic Meets Wellness...

We are so thrilled that you've fluttered into our enchanting realm. Here at The Fairy's Elderberry, we handcraft the finest organic elderberry products ourselves right in the heart of Central Florida. Our potion-like elderberry immune extract and spellbinding cobbler jam are not just tasty; it's a blend of nature with love, and a sprinkle of fairy dust!

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meet your elderberry magicians...

Call us crazy, but we were tired of seeing all these grocery stores carry expensive low quality elderberry products with low nutritional value - making an everyday healthy lifestyle unsustainable. So we set out to change that. And we have. 


All you need is a little...


OUr mission

We are so passionate to keep people healthy by giving natural delicious alternatives that’s great for our the whole family! I hope you enjoy our products just as much as me and my family have. I spent A LOT of intentional time doing research: studying and sourcing natural, quality ingredients so you don't have to. We take so much pride in sprinkling elderberry and we hope you guys can see our heart in these products!

  • The best tasting elderberry I've ever tried!

    Jessica Marie

  • Tastes just like Christmas! And their jam is amazing too.

    Marc Woods

  • Got rid of the crud so fast at our house. This is a really great product.

    Bonnie Joy

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