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Meet Your Elderberry Magicians!

Call us crazy, but we were tired of seeing all these grocery stores carry expensive low quality elderberry products with low nutritional value - making an everyday healthy lifestyle unsustainable. So we set out to change that. And we have. 

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The Beary Best Deal You Can Get

Each bottle is not just syrup; it's a bottle hand-crafted from scratch in memory of ElderBear's mom who passed away suddendly before she could see her daughters and son-in law's magical vision unfold. It's a remedy filled not just to delight your taste buds but to soothe your pains and bolster your health.


all you need is elderberry, trust, and a sprinkle of fairy dust

all you need is elderberry, trust, and a sprinkle of fairy dust

  • "The Best Elderberry I've Ever Tasted!"

    I recently tried The Fairy's Elderberry syrup and it's nothing short of amazing. As someone who's tried many different brands of elderberry this one is the best. Our entire family loves it and we take it religiously during the cold season. Plus, their customer service is top-notch!"

    Amelia Rodriguez

  • "I Love Their Christmas Jam"

    "Their Christmas jam is so good. I put it on my toast every morning with coffee and It's not just a delicious addition to my meals, but I love how it aligns with my holistic lifestyle. Also, their attention to detail in their packaging shows how much they care about their products! Highly recommend!"

    Mike Hawkins

  • "Amazing product!"

    "Discovering this small business has been a highlight for me this year. As a fan of homeopathic remedies, finding a brand that resonates with my American values is rare. Their elderberry syrup is a perfect blend of taste and health benefits. It's my go-to for immune support, and I've noticed a significant improvement in my inflammation and wellbeing since I started taking it. The Fairy's Elderberry truly stands out in quality and efficacy. Thank you so much for making a great product."

    Ellie Patel

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