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Pour Spout - For your 16 oz Bottle!

Pour Spout - For your 16 oz Bottle!

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Transform Your Elderberry Pouring Experience!

Introducing the revolutionary Easy Pour Spout – the ultimate solution for effortless, mess-free enjoyment of your Elderberry Syrup! Designed exclusively for our small 16 oz bottles, this spout lets you say goodbye to spills and hello to convenience.

Here's how it elevates your elderberry experience:

  • Effortless Pouring: Attach it easily to your bottle, and pour with precision every time.
  • Stay Fresh, Stay Tidy: With the Easy Pour Spout, your elderberry syrup stays fresh and your fridge stays clean. The secure lid ensures no air sneaks into the syrup, maintaining its potency and flavor.

Before using, give it a quick clean, and it's ready to make your elderberry moments more enjoyable than ever. Embrace the simplicity and sophistication of our Easy Pour Spout and turn every pour into a delightful experience. Get yours today and elevate your elderberry journey!

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